Tracking Your Campaigns and Measuring Results

Companies and professionals need to consistently generate new leads, sales and growth. To accomplish this and increase their digital footprint, business owners, marketers and digital marketing agencies need to be engaged in multiple yet very distinct marketing efforts.This necessity makes it increasingly difficult to know which campaigns are performing successfully. You might be running a Google AdWords campaign using Display Ads and Remarketing, a TV commercial, a radio ad, print media, responsive email marketing campaigns, and countless of other internet marketing channels. How to effectively allocate your limited budget to those activities that are performing the best can be challenging. But tracking can help you determine leads quality and maximize conversion rates.

Benefits Of Tracking Calls and Form Submissions

Tracking Inbound Calls

tracking calls in hispanic marketing campaigns Call Tracking in Hispanic Marketing

  • You can easily test and compare the impact in your incoming calls originated from all marketing sources using tracking numbers.
  • You can identify if you have problems of call handling or answering capacity by seeing the Number of Calls Answered vs Busy/No Answer Calls by hour and day of the week.
  • You can use call recording features besides call-tracking so that you can gauge not just the quantity of the phone calls but their quality.
  • You can use Call Tracking Alerts for real time or scheduled email notices.

Tracking Form Submissions

Tracking form submissions Tracking Website Forms in Hispanic Marketing

  • You can track all the contact requests (entries) originated from you websites’ online forms.
  • You can configure client an admin email notifications, and even send text message alerts every time a lead comes in.
  • You can configure confirmation pages (also known as “thank-you” pages) to track conversions.

Benefits Of Tracking Marketing ROI

Having tracking numbers associated with your marketing campaigns will allow you to easily track the ROI for those efforts, including tracking the results of simple A/B testing. However, there may be some disadvantages of using call tracking numbers. Some experts from Search Engine Land would argue that to maximize your rankings on Google Maps, Yahoo Local, and Bing Local, your business’s Name, Address and Phone number (“NAP,” to borrow a Localeze-inspired acronym) should broadcast the same rock-solid signal on every platform.

Typically, the many advantages outweighs the few disadvantages, but each business should carefully consider best actions to a successful long-term Regional or Local SEO strategy.

Determining Leads Quality

You might be planning and implementing all kinds of marketing activities. But are you reaching your target audience in a cost-effective way? Qualifying your leads with detailed information on each of your calls and form submissions can help you refine your target audience and enable you to geo-target more effectively.

Increasing Conversions

The more leads the more conversions. The more conversions the more revenue.

Bringing Success to Brands in Many Industries

Hispanic Market Advisors℠ brings success to companies in many industries, which means when you utilize our services, you get a distinct advantage over your competition.

  • Franchises
  • Legal (Immigration, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury)
  • Medical (Dentists, Dermatologists, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeons)
  • Financial Services
  • Education
  • Auto
  • Other Industries