Writing Services for the Hispanic market

Create an Article in Spanish

Hispanic Market Advisors℠ has partnered with an industry-leading writing service to provide you access to a cost-effective writing service tailored to your specific needs.

Create-An-Article℠ is your article writing service for unique content generated for reaching the Spanish-language segment of the Hispanic market. Whether you need content for your Spanish-language web properties, a Spanish-language press release or editorial material in Spanish for your blogs and forum posts, Create-An-Article® is the right solution for you.

Our deep database of knowledgeable authors serves you and your company as an extended arm of your existing in-house team.

How to order:

  1. Choose a writing product below and complete the registration process.
  2. You’ll receive a draft of your article or press release within approximately 48-72 hours.
  3. Request edits or “accept order” – and that’s it!
300 Word Article $22.50 Order a 300 words Article Now

This option is ideal for:

  • Creating unique content for forums in Spanish.
  • Creating unique content assets in Spanish (i.e., articles).
  • Supporting a Spanish-language marketing initiative.
  • Promoting a Spanish-language blog or blog post.
400 Word Article $30.00 Order a 400 words Article Now

This option is ideal for:

  • Creating a press release announcement (i.e., new website launch).
  • Creating editorial material for event or webinar promotion.
  • Creating customer reference material to support sales team.
  • Generating fresh content for brochures and pamphlets.
500 Word Article $37.50 Order a 500 words Article Now

This option is ideal for:

  • Creating content for a white papers and case studies.
  • Creating fresh content for Spanish-language web properties.
  • Creating a landing page in Spanish to promote specific brands.
  • Creating technical product specifications or descriptions of service.

SEO For Your Spanish-Language Content

If you need your content to be optimized for the search engines (Spanish SEO friendly), feel free to contact us for our add-on Spanish SEO services. Our team of Spanish SEO experts then optimizes the content, adds keywords as anchor texts and links to specific landing pages designated by you.

Benefits and uses

  • Constitutes new content-Web sites continue to need fresh content in order to be noticed by the search engines. Creating pages that search engines love improves rankings and traffic.
  • Opens new channels within the Latino business community-having keyword rich articles provides a new route for your Spanish prospective clients to find you.
  • Increases the number of informational pages on your Web site-this helps your site appear deeper which can broaden your site’s perceived authority and reputation in your industry sector.
  • Targets more specialized search terms-optimizing each article for one or two keywords increases the number of searches (long tail keyword strategy). Sites visited more often grab the search engines’ attention and appear faster in search results.