Hispanic Market Advisors is proud to announce that the website www.telzy.com has been fully translated and Spanish SEO optimized (see iframe below). Telzy has now a fully bilingual website and since they are operationally ready to support clients in both English and Spanish, their multilingual platform allows Telzy to reach the entire spectrum of Hispanic users regardless of their language preference.


Telzy español

“We’re glad we were able to work on this project with Telzy, and we look forward to the company succeeding in reaching the Hispanic market, not only in the US but also worldwide,” said Sebastian Aroca, Managing Partner with Hispanic Market Advisors.

Telzy offers Crystal-clear international calling for up to 98% less.

Here’s a written recommendation by William Brister, Vice President of Business Development at Ironton Global.To view the online version, please visit www.linkedin.com/in/sebastianaroca/

Telzy en Espanol Recommendation for Hispanic Market Advisors by Telzy



Have you heard the saying, “content is king”? Well, the upgraded version of that would be, “unique and relevant content is the real king”!

Unique and Relevant Content is the Real King

Content is always the number one priority when it comes to online small business content development. The presence of websites in English and Spanish amplifies the marketability of the small business website, thereby expanding the pool of potential customers.

A website that contains dual languages is easier for both English and Spanish to find when searching online. “Findability” is key if the website is to actually impact the potential customer. Of course, it isn’t enough to merely have both Spanish and English content on the website. It still must be content that is accurate, engaging, educational, and customer relevant. A successful website is one that has content that induces the viewer to make a purchase, utilize the businesses’ service, or contact the business.

Content Development That Reaches Beyond The Purchase

developing-content-in-SpanishReaching beyond the purchase is a facet that is often overlooked when aiming website content at both Spanish and English speaking viewers. The omnipresence of social networks, instant messaging, e-mail sharing, etc.. across the internet makes sharing of content as easy as the click of a button. These portals can quickly turn one satisfied customer into hundreds of potential customers. However, the customer must be so impressed and satisfied with the website that they are willing to recommend it and pass it on to others.

It is vital to develop content that is both informative and emotionally attractive. It is not enough to just tell the potential customer that your product is great. The dual language content should create a psychological connection with the viewer. The customer and small business owner will mutually benefit when the content includes explanation as to why the product should be purchased and why it is applicable to the customers’ lifestyle or reasoning.

Hispanic Marketing Using A Spanish Language Website

A website written in Spanish has unique features that a radio ad or television commercial doesn’t have. As the small business website receives Hispanic customer feedback (complaints, suggestions, or praises), the developed content can be edited and revised. If needed, it can even be customized to a specific niche. 

Spanish websites that include content directed to a Spanish audience is not only increasing the pool of potential customers, they are also addressing the growing bilingual and “other than English” composition of modern society. This shows that the small business has a direct desire to attract and interact with an array of customers, thereby creating that personal connection that many customers are seeking.

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The U.S. is experiencing rapid growth of minority ethnic groups and is becoming more racially and ethnically diverse. These changes are creating new segments that are reshaping the way the many industries market their products and services. To keep up, competing product and service providers must alter their current marketing strategies to accommodate these new segments. For instance, to effectively reach Latino customers, one strategy is to create Spanish content to get in touch with Spanish-speaking customers. This strategy also helps these businesses promote their goods and services beyond the US Hispanic marketplace by reaching Spanish-speaking customers in Latin American countries. However, with each Latin American country having its own linguistic and cultural nuances, translation from English to Spanish without contemplating the context particular to that country can be misleading so understanding Latin American nuances and differences is paramount for successful English to Spanish translations and Hispanic marketing strategy.


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