Hispanic marketing is an interesting subject worth discussing. I agree that very often marketers push agendas that suit their wants and needs rather than those of their aspiring or existing customers. Those that take the high road and put their initial efforts in trying to really understand who their customers are, and simultaneously, helping their customers understand who their own customers are, can eventually reap the benefits of cultivating long-lasting win-win business relationships.

After profiling their customers, it is important to develop content that not only informs but attracts them emotionally. For instance, if your client is a lawyer firm that offers medical negligence services, you may want to create an investment in the service at hand by making it something in higher demand psychologically. Video marketing and social media can help with this.

Developing content in English or Spanish?

the right mix of bilingual contentIn many cases, having content developed towards a Spanish speaking audience increases the potential number of customers and demonstrates that the small business is ready to address the reality of the current composition of society where English isn’t the only language. While this might seem like a small step, the correct creation and management of Spanish language website content makes a statement about the business’ willingness to interact with diverse customers and demonstrates a more personal connection rather than simply existing as a faceless business in the minds of customers.

It’s the right mix, stupid! 

Media buyers don’t put all their eggs in the same basket, they know better. Instead, they create the right mix of TV, radio, print and online. In the same way, Hispanic marketing professionals should be encouraged to create the right mix of English and Spanish content to tap into the entire spectrum of Hispanic consumers. What’s the right mix? Well, that’s for you and your customer to find out. My two cents worth is that it may vary depending on the geographical area where you do business, the type of industry you are in, and of course, the type of product and services you provide.

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Alternatively, you can contract an specialist who can help you narrow down this profiling to a level that you and your customers feel comfortable – so then, your investment is optimized and you’re reaching cost-effectively not only the more acculturated but also the less acculturated and the bilingual Hispanic consumers.
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