Using PPC to Reach the Latino Market (Latino PPC, Hispanic PPC)

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns – Paid Search, Paid Advertising

Your Spanish SEO campaigns may take some time to yield the results you want. While you work on building organic positioning, your PPC campaign efforts can help in generating instant benefits. However, setting up and optimizing CPM and PPC Advertising Campaigns to reach the Hispanic market in your targeted locations can be a daunting task. Hispanic Market Advisors℠ can set up (or maintain if already created) and optimize CPC and PPC Advertising Campaigns (in both English and Spanish) to reach the US Hispanic audience that fits your customer profile at a city, county, state, or national level. We will also build international PPC campaigns to reach Hispanic prospects outside of the US.

As a member of Google Partners please refer to Google’s Advertiser guide: working with third partiesThat link explains how Google works with third parties such as Hispanic Market Advisors℠ and what you can and should expect from us.

Benefits and uses

  • Enables you to get started with Google AdWords, Bing Advertising, Facebook Advertising, Linkedin Direct Ads
  • Helps you improve your lead generation funnel tapping into the US Latino market
  • Generates click to call from smartphone users, and online submissions through contact forms embedded on landing pages
  • Promotes your brand instantly on the web and provides you with flexibility to allocate budget (you can increase or decrease weekly budget as needed)

How it works

  • If you are interested solely in advertising on Google AdWords, visit our Google Partners page, click on CONTACT, and complete the quick form on that page. If you are not sure whether to also include Facebook and Linkedin (or others) in your Paid Advertising efforts, please complete this form.
  • Hispanic Market Advisors contacts you or one of your designees with specific questions related to your business strategy towards the Hispanic market.
  • Hispanic Market Advisors sends you a comprehensive plan along with a free quote for your PPC Campaign.
  • You approve the quote and the work begins according to agreed terms and conditions

Hispanic Market Advisors℠ will make specific recommendations to help you optimize your paid advertising campaigns in Google AdWords and Facebook, so the organic search and paid advertising efforts are well-synced and integrated.

We will send you weekly, bi-weekly or monthly PPC campaign reports.

Reach the US Latino market with our PPC Service, Paid Advertising

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