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Looking for Hispanic SEM or Spanish SEM services?

If you visit the Web often enough, most likely you have read a great deal about the Hispanic market, sufficed to realize that you cannot ignore it anymore. However, unless you are of Hispanic descent, it may be harder than you think to get started, even more so considering that there are cultural nuances and language barriers to overcome. You probably started searching in Google or Bing for companies or agencies that may be able to assist you with this endeavor, a niche market vendor that can help your Web properties gain exposure among US Hispanics and Latin American markets, and somehow you landed here… Well done! Now, let me jump right to it by saying that normally you have two ways of approaching this market outreach and tapping to Hispanic Internet users:

1/ Organic search engine marketing

Organic rank depends on a variety of factors including the mix of branded and unbranded terms in the campaign. Your organic SEO when done effectively can help you rank higher over a longer period of time. Moreover, the higher organic rankings the better PPC performance you ads may have. Read more about our Spanish SEO services.

2/ Paid advertising or SEM

Your PPC campaign efforts can result in instant benefits. However, setting up and optimizing Spanish CPC and Spanish PPC Advertising Campaigns to reach Spanish-speaking markets, including the US Hispanic and Latin American markets, can be a daunting task. Contact us to learn more about our Spanish SEM services.

How you combine each effort will depend not only on the type of product or service you provide, the industry you are in, and the target audience that you are intending to reach, but also on how soon you need to start converting clicks into quality leads (or sales), and how much marketing dollars you can allocate to an Hispanic initiative.

Integrating your Spanish SEO and PPC in Spanish

Many marketers work with limited budgets and often have to decide between paid search and organic SEO. Nevertheless, organic SEO can’t always replace PPC, not vice versa. As a matter of fact, the best combination of both can result in the best ROI for your company. While your PPC campaign efforts can result in instant benefits; your organic SEO when done effectively can help you rank higher over a longer period of time. Striking the right balance is the challenge and what most marketers strive for!

In our experiences in working with Hispanic marketing initiatives, we found out again and again that the most cost-effective campaigns are those that have both paid searches and organic listings. Recently, a Google study named “Impact Of Ranking Of Organic Search Results On The Incrementality Of Search Ads” intended to prove that. The results? Well, the study’s findings showed that for ad clicks with an associated organic result in rank 25, on average, 82% of the ad clicks are incremental.

Conclusion and Recommendations for Marketers

  • If only Spanish PPC campaigns have already been created, try to allocate some time and resources in organic SEO – while maintaining and fine tuning your Spanish PPC campaigns.
  • If only Spanish SEO campaigns are in progress, complement them with some Spanish PPC campaigns.
  • If Spanish PPC and Spanish SEO are performed by two different in-house or outside teams, have them work in sync – collaboration pays a long way; thus, invest time integrating under the same strategic direction these two pillars of search engine marketing.

Important Note: if you have an English version of your site that needs to get optimized for the Hispanic market, don’t worry. We’ll help you with optimizing that too! We understand that to reach the entire spectrum of Hispanic consumers, it’s important to employ an integrated Hispanic marketing strategy to target not only the Spanish-dominant but also the English-dominant and the bilingual Hispanic consumer. The right mix is the right “holistic” approach!