Google Rankings in Regional Hispanic SEO Campaigns
Posted December 18, 2010 1:16 am by Hispanic Market Advisors℠

Few ways are better to market your product, Web site, or brand than with Google. Increasing your Google search rankings is one of the most important ways to ensure that people discover who you are and are made aware of the services or products that you are marketing. This high ranking is achieved through multiple link-backs, organic search results achieved through article submissions and indexing, and providing consistently-updated relevant content for your site.

alineacion-laser_ACQUIPHowever, where many companies fall short in achieving the online presence they desire for their advertising campaign is in the regional branches of Google, representing and serving the online communities of the various countries around the globe. In particular, Hispanic and Latino-oriented companies need to be able to sell their products and services to the Hispanic communities, and the best way to do this is by aiming for high-ranking search results on Google’s counterparts representing the Hispanic populations around the world. A regional Hispanic marketing strategy will focus on cultivating relationships with consumers in Spanish-speaking countries and building the same quality link-backs searchable by these web crawlers as the ones on Google’s American counterpart.

Historically, Google rankings have done more than anything else in the last half-decade to increase revenue and sales for companies across virtually all industries around the world, and for those companies whose customer base is made up of people from the Hispanic and Latino communities, having a well-planned and realistically implemented regional Hispanic marketing strategy will help companies to reach the number of people that will allow them greater success and long-term viability in their niche markets, while still catering to other domestic and international markets. By ensuring high visibility search rankings across all of Google’s regional sites, companies can boost traffic from all sectors of the market which they serve. Having web visibility, for instance, in google.es and google.com.mx in addition to google.com, would ensure your business has more regional reach than if your site ranked well only in google.com. Got it?

There are a number of online tools to help companies in the formation and execution of their regional campaigns. One of these is Tools Live, available at www.tools-live.com/ranking-pais.html. It allows users to monitor keyword searches relevant to their Web site, and allows them to influence where their Web site shows up on the various Google sites by selecting which languages must be searched in order to find the site. This can also help them improve their meta tags and html tags for their site. This, along with other proven SEO strategies, will help companies improve their rankings across all of Google’s regional sites.

As a way of illustration, take a look at the image above and you will see a regional Hispanic SEM campaign for acquip.com/es which is geared towards positioning main keywords such as “alineacion laser” in the first page of search results of all Google’s regional sites. As you can see in the table of the graph above, the keyword “alineacion laser” ranks well not only in google.com but also in google.com.mx, google.com.ar, and so on… It’s of vital importance to follow progress on keyword positioning in each country that is relevant to your business.

Google rankings are influenced by a lot of different factors, and the system is always evolving. SEO marketing strategies for getting desirable results across language barriers and overseas markets have proven beneficial in helping companies achieve a global presence, and as Spanish-speaking companies strive to get a larger share of the market and to cater to their consumer-base, methods that have worked for American and European corporations will work well when adapted to the Spanish-targeted keywords, utilizing data from Spanish users who actively search for information, products and services in their language. While many companies underestimate the importance of having high search rankings in other languages, it is vital to companies that want a larger share of the non-English speaking markets.

So what has been your experience with regional Hispanic SEO/SEM campaigns? Have you managed to position your main keywords and rank well in the search engines of each Spanish-speaking country at the same time? We would like to hear from you. What worked for you and what didn’t? Share your achievements, successes, and also your failures…