I Want to Tap into Hispanic Internet Users, Now What?
Posted August 29, 2009 7:19 pm by Hispanic Market Advisors℠

After you have sized your market for online Spanish-speaking customers and mastered the profiles of new Hispanic customers, you have some options and some choices to make:

You could let the uncertainty and panic of entering unchartered territories paralyze you with fear, and you’ll end up doing nothing.

The other option is to open your eyes and see how the Hispanic market has created a huge window of opportunity for your business—an opportunity to develop a new market segment that will bring more revenues!

If you have opened your eyes chosen to take action, then the next step is to choose a strategic partner who best understands your needs, goals and objectives. You may not feel ready or not have a designated budget to allocate to this market expansion but with the three available Hispanic online market-building strategies from Hispanic Market Advisors you now have options.  With a minor investment, you can start with a conservative approach to test the potential of your products and services with the Spanish speaking audience and move to a moderate or an aggressive approach if worth the extra efforts, or you can start directly with a moderate or aggressive approach if you already feel confident and fully committed to tap into Hispanic Internet users. If you’re unsure, talk to us and we’ll advice you based on what is best for you and your overall online business strategy.

These are your three approaches you can employ: 

Website Translation and Spanish SEO

 Spanish website translation is not very expensive and will ultimately pay for itself over and over with increased revenues. In addition to reaching US Hispanics, it also opens the door to future expansion into Central and South America as well as Spain. Spanish speakers comprise 81.7 million internet users and this valuable market cannot be ignored. Even if entire website translation is not feasible, following a conservative approachlike shown in the Scribd graph aboveby creating an entry page in Spanish that will show up in search engines can offer a significant advantage over your competitors who make no effort to accommodate Spanish speakers.

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