Culturally Sensitive Content is the Most Effective Way for Connecting with Hispanic Americans
Posted April 19, 2013 11:44 am by Sebastian Aroca

Hispanic-AmericansObserving one’s local area makes it easy to perceive many population trends, and using the US Census is one way of confirming these observations. The 2010 US Census established that the Hispanic population in the United States is over 50 million people or about 16 percent of the total population. Fulfilling the business necessities of Hispanics is obviously a good business plan, and wise business owners need to consider how to connect with the Hispanic population in a sensitive and efficient style.

The American Yardstick, a result of AOL’s online Hispanic poll, measures the acculturation of Hispanics. The information provided by the graphic shows that 46 percent of Hispanics polled preferred English as the main language for media consumption and even for speaking at home. Thirty one (31) percent of Hispanics, on the other hand, consider themselves bicultural. They speak English and Spanish interchangeably at home but prefer English as the language for media consumption. The challenge lies in how to market to Hispanics with a very diverse range of interests and necessities.

Connecting with the eclectic Hispanic market includes the creation of culturally sensitive content. Though many subgroups within the Hispanic market have specific necessities that must be met, there are also general topics that business owners can use as the main focus for their marketing campaigns.

Hispanics and Their Allegiance to Family

For Hispanics, an important matter is the allegiance to family through complex and dependable relationships. Roles might change slightly within families depending on the degree of acculturation each family experiences, but the affairs of the family remain a priority. Content creation must include vivid visual and verbal imagery that demonstrates that highlight family affairs.

Hispanics value cultural customs, and these play a major function in their lives. Food, holidays and traditions all play central roles in the lives of Hispanics. Special family events are very important to Hispanics. Marketing content should capture the importance of these customs, whether the promotion revolves around a product or an event.

Hispanics and Generational Differences

Within Hispanic culture, generational differences exist similar to those found between different ethnic and cultural groups. While older parents might be interested in finances and issues directly related to parenting, younger people might be more focused on educational matters and current trends in culture. Any project must consider what the specific interests of the particular audience are and include these as part of their strategy. It is important not to presume that all Hispanics think and act similarly. Successful marketing campaigns depend on how well the audience is defined, observed and targeted.

The dreams, expectations and aspirations of each Hispanic family are unique. Each family has a different conception of the American Dream and how they can make this dream a reality. The topics that affect each individual family’s plan of how to make the American Dream come true are important to each family and tend to have many feelings attached to them as each person is concerned with creating a better life for their family. This topic can be a prevailing power when marketing to Hispanics.

Another consideration is how search engine optimization will be affected. When researching keywords and phrases for marketing impact, it is imperative that the necessities and motivations for each search are considered. One thing that can affect this is an understanding of bilingual expressions as well as generational axioms. The marketer needs to remember that the motivations behind an individual’s search in English can be very different than those of an individual’s search in Spanish. The creation of culturally sensitive and distinctive content is central to the success of the projects designed by search engine optimization officers.

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