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Celebrating the Hispanic Heritage and culture — and diversity in general — while building awareness of your brand among the Hispanic community

With the objective of helping brands to deepen their connection with Hispanic-Americans, Spanish SEO provider Hispanic Market Advisors℠ shares some tips for brands and organizations (private and public) to join the Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration with activities that may build and deepen multicultural connections.

Sebastian Aroca, Managing Partner with Hispanic Market Advisors℠, reminds brands that, “The Hispanic Heritage Month celebration, which takes place every year from September 15th to October 15th, is a splendid opportunity for smart and innovative brands to learn more about the Hispanic community and join the celebration without sounding cocky.”

Here are a few ideas on how to celebrate diversity and honor the Latino culture:

1. Acknowledge your Hispanic employees for their contributions – It is important to recognize the contributions that come by employees from different cultures and backgrounds. The Army, for instance, is celebrating the many different cultures that make up American society.

2. Integrate diversity into your business – Embracing diversity does not mean dancing merengue with your colleagues in a networking event after business hours, although that can be fun. To integrate diversity into your business requires knowledge of customers’ culture, buying habits and preferred methods of communication.

As a market’s dominant population group changes, minority businesses belonging to that group naturally emerge to meet the unfulfilled needs of that group within the market. This will position your business to be ready to naturally exploit all economic opportunities within your diversified market segments.

3. Join Hispanic Organizations and Minority Business ProgramsBecoming a corporate partner with the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, sponsoring one local Latino event, or joining a Minority Business program such as DiversityFran (formerly known as the MinorityFran program) can be all magnificent ideas.Many franchise companies, for instance, seek to merge diversity programs into their strategic plans as ways to create competitive advantage. Maid Right Franchising has created the “Maid Right Latino” initiative and is growing emerging markets in local communities by proactively recruiting into their franchise system Latino entrepreneurs who want to start their own business.

4. Establish strategic partnerships with Multicultural Agencies – Business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate executives across the United States are awakening to the importance of connecting effectively and emphatically with the Hispanic market. After all, Hispanic consumers growing purchasing power is estimated to reach $1.5 trillion dollars by 2015.Everyone wants a piece of the pie! Some brands are making a serious commitment to the Hispanic market. Other brands, though, still remain cautious in their approach, for either lack of knowledge or information. Partnering with a Hispanic Marketing or Multicultural Agency can help support specific Hispanic initiatives targeting the Hispanic consumer.

5. Communicate to your stakeholders why and how your business embraces diversity – You may want to encourage your Diversity Program Manager or Public Relations Director to consider:

In conclusion, marketing to a diverse customer base requires knowledge of customers’ culture, buying habits and preferred methods of communication. Because of increased competition, it is a natural conclusion that all markets eventually become saturated which makes it difficult for even established companies to grow. However, growth opportunities will always exist for those organizations who are prepared with multicultural connections. The Hispanic Heritage Month celebration can be a great platform to kick off those efforts.

About Hispanic Market Advisors℠
Hispanic Market Advisors ℠ is a boutique company focused on developing online Hispanic market-ready solutions, including Hispanic marketing and English to Spanish translations, to aid companies of all sizes to reap the growth of the Latin American and US Hispanic market.

Spanish SEMHispanic Market Advisors offers Hispanic search engine marketing (also know as SEM) services which is comprised of Spanish SEM and English SEM. We apply a combination of both to reach the entire spectrum of the Hispanic market relevant to your products and services.

Clients find you one of two ways when searching the internet. Online directories, which mimic phone books, are the first option. The second, and far more popular option, is through an Internet search engine. The most popular of these include Yahoo!, Google, and Bing.

Consider your own methods for finding information online. Most people turn to a search engine first, and you need to be on the list that comes back when they’re searching for legal counsel. All of our marketing products for search engines improve your site’s ability to be indexed and listed by these popular websites. Hispanic Market Advisors helps define your local market and your firm’s special capabilities or unique strengths so clients can find you quickly. These techniques help you website appear closer to the top of the list in search engine results, making it more likely your website will be the one visited.

Most effective methods to bring qualified traffic into your site

We use a wide variety of the most effective methods to bring qualified traffic into your site from all major search engines. We optimize your site’s content, submit your site to the best and most popular search engines, and use our many years of experience and expertise with regards to the legal field.

Our company offers three different levels of SEM programs, allowing you to customize the package your website needs, and your budget allows. All three packages deliver important features like:

• Domain name purchase for your website, if need to begin from scratch
• Submissions to all major search engines and Web directories
• Optimized keywords for all pages (on-page optimization)
• Regular audits to monitor and improve performance, and take corrective actions as needed

Researching Keywords

We identify the keywords and phrases your website needs to use to pull in new visitors and potential clients. Our highly trained professional BILINGUAL writers then work those words and phrases into content designed to boost the ranking and quality of your web site. The content, whether in Spanish or English, works to attract new visitors and to propel them to contact your firm. We then conduct a keyword analysis every 3 to 4 weeks to make sure the keywords being used remain relevant. Because keyword search behavior changes overtime, we need to keep monitoring the organic keywords to assure best results.

Monitoring Performance

These search engines are continually changing their algorithms, which can cause volatility. We use Web Analytic tools to measure the traffic to your website in real time. It also works to gather, compile, and analyze the activities of visitors to your site, which in turn helps you determine which sources are offering the most profitable traffic. This service gathers data directly from each visitor’s browser, and helps you see which marketing methods are working, and which are not. We also periodically check the optimization of all pages so your search engine ranking will continue to increase.

Hispanic marketing is an interesting subject worth discussing. I agree that very often marketers push agendas that suit their wants and needs rather than those of their aspiring or existing customers. Those that take the high road and put their initial efforts in trying to really understand who their customers are, and simultaneously, helping their customers understand who their own customers are, can eventually reap the benefits of cultivating long-lasting win-win business relationships.

After profiling their customers, it is important to develop content that not only informs but attracts them emotionally. For instance, if your client is a lawyer firm that offers medical negligence services, you may want to create an investment in the service at hand by making it something in higher demand psychologically. Video marketing and social media can help with this.

Developing content in English or Spanish?

the right mix of bilingual contentIn many cases, having content developed towards a Spanish speaking audience increases the potential number of customers and demonstrates that the small business is ready to address the reality of the current composition of society where English isn’t the only language. While this might seem like a small step, the correct creation and management of Spanish language website content makes a statement about the business’ willingness to interact with diverse customers and demonstrates a more personal connection rather than simply existing as a faceless business in the minds of customers.

It’s the right mix, stupid! 

Media buyers don’t put all their eggs in the same basket, they know better. Instead, they create the right mix of TV, radio, print and online. In the same way, Hispanic marketing professionals should be encouraged to create the right mix of English and Spanish content to tap into the entire spectrum of Hispanic consumers. What’s the right mix? Well, that’s for you and your customer to find out. My two cents worth is that it may vary depending on the geographical area where you do business, the type of industry you are in, and of course, the type of product and services you provide.

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Alternatively, you can contract an specialist who can help you narrow down this profiling to a level that you and your customers feel comfortable – so then, your investment is optimized and you’re reaching cost-effectively not only the more acculturated but also the less acculturated and the bilingual Hispanic consumers.
Latino Internet Use 2009

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hispanic market growthThere are a projected 48 million Hispanics residing currently in the United States. By 2020, that number is expected to grow to 60 million, according to the U.S. Census. There are over 12 million Hispanic households that have wielded purchasing power of a predicted $1.2 trillion by 2011, according to the University of Georgia’s Center for Economic Growth. The growth of Hispanic purchasing power has grown 80% more, from 2000 to 2007, than the rest of the population. Businesses are seeking a way to capitalize on the economic growth of the Hispanic community.

Each year 7.6 million Hispanics purchase items on the web. An average of $1200 is spent per Hispanic shopper on the web each year. The Hispanic community is a frequent user of the internet. Online Hispanic users shop for financial products, share photos, and files, according to Forrester Research. The Hispanic population increased their shopping online by 6.9 percent in 2009. Given these statistics, the Hispanic market is a potential group for growth.

Hispanics as a Majority in some States

Thirty one states in America do not possess a community with a majority Hispanic population. However, there are some communities in California, Arizona, and Texas that are majority Hispanic. San Antonio, TX is the largest city in the United States with a Hispanic majority. El Paso, Texas has the highest percentage of any major United States city at 76%. The small city of Huron, California is 98.27% Hispanic. Both Los Angeles, California and Houston, Texas have a large Hispanic population. However, neither boasts a majority.

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Importance of Hiring Hispanics to Cater to Hispanic Market

Businesses launching marketing campaigns should be aware of the markets that wield purchasing power and market products to those communities. Targeted marketing allows businesses to maximize their marketing dollars. Marketing to groups that are more likely to purchase will increase a business’s return on investment. Hispanic marketing is wise since this group wields nearly $1.2 trillion collectively.

Hispanics still primarily speak their native language. Nearly 56% of the Hispanic community speaks only Spanish at home. Another 26% speak both Spanish and English at home on an equal basis. Hispanics focus on family and heritage. They also focus on sports, as well as, celebrity figures with charismatic personalities. Therefore, businesses should hire individuals who are bilingual and can relate to the community.

Should Marketing Agencies have Hispanic Market Capabilities?

Agencies that possess Hispanic marketing will be more likely to capture the spending power of the Hispanic population. However, despite language barriers Hispanics are still purchasing products. Hispanics are more likely to relate to ads focused on family values. Spokespeople from the Hispanic community may also encourage Hispanics to spend more on various products in the United States. Marketing agencies with a specialization in the Hispanic community will be more likely to encourage Hispanics to spend their money.

Hispanic marketing is a growing business. Businesses market online to obtain access to millions of users worldwide. Since the Hispanic community comprises a large portion of online purchasing, marketing agencies may want to expand to include marketing campaigns that cater to Hispanics.

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