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Press Releases For Valuable Backlinks – 5 Tips to Use Now

Press releases are one of the best methods for generating a buzz around your client

A good public relations campaign revolves around getting the attention of important media influencers. Launches today are almost always built upon press releases, and they can make or break a campaign.


What you may not know is that technology has created more opportunities for press releases to be used effectively. The smart use of press releases involves crafting content that will also give your client an SEO boost.


Your goal should be to combine the skills of a PR agency and a marketing company on behalf of your clients. The job is two-fold. You want to help a client build the reputation of their brand, but you also want to provide more visibility in Google. Combining SEO with press releases is a scorching double attack that is efficient and effective. (please refer to our SEO Tips” section)


One of the ways press releases can be used is to secure backlinks from high-value sources. It’s an easy technique that can reap massive rewards for your client. Here are five tips that you can use today to gain those all-important backlinks.


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