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Bloggers and Influencers are Your Friend

Most PR professionals understand the importance of blogging and connecting with influencers.

Few have a successful strategy for tapping into to the power of this cultural phenomenon. A highly visible blog can literally send your press release to the moon.


This is where good research about target audiences comes into play. Bloggers love to write about things their readers get excited about. You can provide that with your press release, but only if you choose blogs that are relevant to your client’s field.


This is a competitive strategy. Many professionals are hustling to get that blog mention. You might want to investigate the use of some tools that can help you identify bloggers and influencers to target and partner with.

Identify bloggers and influencers to partner with

There are services likeĀ DiMe Media that connects Latina & Latino influencers with brands. Some services will let you compile your own list of sources and then export that list to an email marketing platform.


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