Thanks for joining Hispanic Market Advisors on the Livestream Google Event with Todd Rowe and Fred Vallaeys – we had a great time bringing you Partners Connect at Büro Midtown Miami. We’ve made the video of the livestream event available for you to watch whenever you’d like. And if you have any follow up questions or need some help with refining your search engine marketing campaigns in Google AdWords, feel free to get in touch with us.

Feel free to share this with your colleagues and friends who were not in attendance, and we’d love to get your feedback, should you have any.

Spanish SEMHispanic Market Advisors offers Hispanic search engine marketing (also know as SEM) services which is comprised of Spanish SEM and English SEM. We apply a combination of both to reach the entire spectrum of the Hispanic market relevant to your products and services.

Clients find you one of two ways when searching the internet. Online directories, which mimic phone books, are the first option. The second, and far more popular option, is through an Internet search engine. The most popular of these include Yahoo!, Google, and Bing.

Consider your own methods for finding information online. Most people turn to a search engine first, and you need to be on the list that comes back when they’re searching for legal counsel. All of our marketing products for search engines improve your site’s ability to be indexed and listed by these popular websites. Hispanic Market Advisors helps define your local market and your firm’s special capabilities or unique strengths so clients can find you quickly. These techniques help you website appear closer to the top of the list in search engine results, making it more likely your website will be the one visited.

Most effective methods to bring qualified traffic into your site

We use a wide variety of the most effective methods to bring qualified traffic into your site from all major search engines. We optimize your site’s content, submit your site to the best and most popular search engines, and use our many years of experience and expertise with regards to the legal field.

Our company offers three different levels of SEM programs, allowing you to customize the package your website needs, and your budget allows. All three packages deliver important features like:

• Domain name purchase for your website, if need to begin from scratch
• Submissions to all major search engines and Web directories
• Optimized keywords for all pages (on-page optimization)
• Regular audits to monitor and improve performance, and take corrective actions as needed

Researching Keywords

We identify the keywords and phrases your website needs to use to pull in new visitors and potential clients. Our highly trained professional BILINGUAL writers then work those words and phrases into content designed to boost the ranking and quality of your web site. The content, whether in Spanish or English, works to attract new visitors and to propel them to contact your firm. We then conduct a keyword analysis every 3 to 4 weeks to make sure the keywords being used remain relevant. Because keyword search behavior changes overtime, we need to keep monitoring the organic keywords to assure best results.

Monitoring Performance

These search engines are continually changing their algorithms, which can cause volatility. We use Web Analytic tools to measure the traffic to your website in real time. It also works to gather, compile, and analyze the activities of visitors to your site, which in turn helps you determine which sources are offering the most profitable traffic. This service gathers data directly from each visitor’s browser, and helps you see which marketing methods are working, and which are not. We also periodically check the optimization of all pages so your search engine ranking will continue to increase.