State of the Internet in the Hispanic Community

Latin America comprises a large portion of the population on the Internet. Currently, experts predict that 30 million Latinos will use the internet for shopping, research, or information in 2010. Nearly, 7.6 million Latino users log onto the internet each year to shop online. In 2009, online use in the Latino community grew by 6.9 percent, while other communities remained stagnant. Contrary to popular belief, the Latino community navigates the Internet with ease. Most of the online community is under the age of 35. Fifty-two percent of the individuals shopping online earn less than $60,000 annually. Currently, experts have shown that English marketing campaigns do not translate well into the Hispanic community.

Level of Engagement with News and Information in Latin America

Latinos seem to read online news more as it relates to sports, music, movies, and celebrities. Therefore, newspapers, such as AOL Latino and Yahoo! en Espanol are more popular. For news specific to their local heritage, some may peruse websites from their native countries. The average Latino spends 9.5 hours online per week. This includes their shopping, reading newspapers, applying for contests and other activities. Given this amount of time per week, it is reasonable to assume that individuals could be viewing news an average of once per day.

How Online Newspapers Rank in Latin America

Online Newspapers in Latin AmericaCurrently, there are 25 countries or areas that comprise the Latin American community. Each of those regions possesses an average of 2 newspapers per country. Therefore, consumers may enjoy 25 newspaper websites. Given the number of papers in the Hispanic community, all will not be ranked in this particular article. However, an example will be provided to indicate the ranking of the papers in one of their most popular regions, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Rio de Janeiro is the site of an upcoming Olympic Games Ceremony. Individuals seeking to establish businesses in the area for the Olympics will enjoy advertising in the following online newspaper websites:

• Globo.com: Ranking of 103
• O Dia: Ranking of 5,213
• Journal do Brazil: Ranking of 11

These rankings were based upon the area only and obtained from Alexa.com.

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Types of Content Consumer Read in the Hispanic Community

Hispanics often visit websites online that relate to sports, movies, music, contests or sweepstakes. Other popular websites geared toward the Hispanic market are AOL Latino, MSN and Yahoo! En Espanol. Each of these sites features information for the Latin American consumer.

Specific newspaper websites that target the Hispanic market vary by region of the country. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for instance possesses 3 newspapers that are popular with the locals of the region. The three papers are comprised of O Dia, O Globo, and Jornal do Brasil. Columns may relate to sports, travel, current events, jobs, commerce, women’s issues, and other pertinent topics. These papers cover a broad range of news specific to the Brazilian Hispanic community. Other online newspapers may appeal to a more global Latino community.

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