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Why You Need Responsive Email Communications When Reaching Latinos

  • 51% of email opens are on mobile devices, yet many emails are only designed for desktop viewing
  • 80% of people delete an email if it doesn’t look good on their mobile device
  • 150 times a day: People look at their phones an average of 150 times a day

With mobile opens increasing 24% (from 41% to 51%) from 2013 to 2014, there has been a big push by digital marketers to use responsive or mobile-friendly design in their email communications with their contacts and subscribers. This is especially true for brands wanting to connect and engage with Latino community because Latinos over index in mobile usage, and time spent on mobile devices. MailChimp found that using responsive design increases clicks 15%, while using Litmus email testing increased clicks 13–24%. Furthermore, some studies show that when responsive design A/B testing is used, responsive email can even bring up to 130% increase in clicks which in turn helps increase sales-ready leads.

Email opens by platform

From the results above, it’s obvious that optimizing your emails for mobile is a win-win — your subscribers will receive your emails in the format they want and you’ll get better results.

US Hispanics own more smartphones and goes online more from a mobile device

Latino internet users are more likely than other groups to go online using a mobile device—76% versus 60%. Source: a “Pew Research Center” study – check here.

Infographic: quick facts all brands planning Latino Marketing initiatives must know

Where does this take us?

Website design and mobile are two of the fastest changing technologies in digital marketing, besides search engine optimization. As the world becomes increasingly more mobile, there’s an overall trend towards opening email on mobile devices for the first time. Those mobile users subscribers often open eblasts and enews from the companies and preferred brands they have opted-in. These types of email communications include event announcements, products or services launches, special offers and promotions, monthly or quarterly newsletters, and the list goes on.

Internet and search engine marketers need to focus not only on creating the most compelling content possible to engage their subscribers and target audience but also doing so in an email design that looks good across all platforms. For this reason, responsive design is no longer a luxury for email marketers – it’s a necessity. Contact Hispanic Market Advisors for responsive email design and email marketing, and ensure your emails render beautifully across all mobile devices.

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