Hispanic Online Marketing and Working With Cross-Functional Teams [White Paper]

This white paper discusses some of the challenges and solutions that come into play when working with cross-functional teams.

Are you struggling to get all members of your digital team working and sharing data collaboratively?

Getting cross-functional teams to work effectively and coherently is vital to any business, and in particular to small businesses, since the members of a cross-functional team that do not work together well can inadvertently work as competing forces that hurt the entire marketing campaign.

The topics of this white paper provide a snapshot on how to turn activities from a potential liability into a great opportunity:

  • Introduction – challenges and solutions that come into play when working with cross-functional teams.
  • Challenges of Cross-Functional Teams – without a clear vision, cross-functional teams tend to give priority to optimizing for individual team successes at the expense of (and sacrificing) overall performance of the business.
  • It All Starts With The Vision! – setting a vision and align goals and objectives to the shared vision.
  • Creating a Roadmap of Success – to identify the audience you’re after, the goals you’re trying to reach (and you can measure) as well as a strategy that sets the stage for the tactics you’ll use to execute your game plan.
  • Finding the Nexus – between search engine optimization (SEO), Social Media and Public Relations (PR) – and conduct regular meetings to align goals and objectives.
  • Areas of Integration: Samples – learn how activities like SEO/PPC, Social Media, Blogging, and Public Relations influence each other.
  • Summary – executing a cost-effective Hispanic Online Marketing Campaign requires a clear vision from the top and cross-functional teams willing to align their efforts towards fulfilling shared goals.

The information in this report confirms what many small business owners and search engine marketers working with the cross-functional teams have known and experienced for some time, and yet, for some this will help clarify some points as they embark in integrating various cross-functional teams, including in-house teams and outside agencies.

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