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Make Keywords a Top Strategy When Writing Your Next Hispanicize Wire


Never underestimate the importance of searches to your client. SEO is essential for any successful launch. You want people to be able to find your client whenever they search on carefully selected keywords. 3.5 billion searches are executed on Google every day and you want a piece of the action. It’s not rocket science to figure out you need to tap the potential of SEO in your PR efforts.

SEO Tips for your Hispanicize Wire News: The Most Effective Wires Tell a Story

Too many times the focus on the story overrides the strategic use of SEO practices. Your competitors are likely avoiding keyword usage in their own releases because the process of adding the right number of them in the right places can be overwhelming.


When PR professionals do choose to use keywords, they generally choose one and pepper it throughout the press release. This accomplishes nothing but....


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