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Top Ten Tips to Increase Your Digital Footprint


It is difficult to believe that only ten years ago many organizations and professionals didn’t have a single website and often struggled to create them. While some businesses still lack a website, we cannot ignore the environment we are in. Not only is it a standard but a necessity to have web presence y in web presence where.


In today’s world, digital presence is not an option. The new standard is multiple websites: main site, microsites, social sites, etc. Here are five of the top ten tips to increase your digital footprint (the next five will be shared in the next issue):



Having a professional website that has an attractive look and feel is vital, especially if your profession requires a positive first impression.


Your website needs to have several elements: a local number or a toll-free number, and contact forms, and a combination of text, visuals and videos. Your site has to also offer easy navigation (user friendly) and it has to be also optimized for the search engines (SEO friendly). Also, if your practice is located in a city or metropolitan area with high concentration of Hispanics, it’s best practice to having a bilingual site, as Hispanic Internet users like to toggle between English and Spanish. Having a bilingual site increases your chances of being found by the entire spectrum of the Latino audience, regardless of the language preference. Hispanic Market Advisors can help with this website development or translation process –http://hmas.in/web-for-dentists.

Why is your main site so essential?

  • Your website is like your Home – You need to have one in order before inviting your Guests (clients).

  • Your website is like your digital brochure – You can email pages, including before and after pictures, to potential clients for them to read more about your practice.

  • Your website is like an extension of your team – It works for you and your team when you are all sleeping, but you have to


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