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SEO Success for Your Hispanicize Wire Submission

SEO is essential to your wires’ success and it must be done right to bolster your marketing efforts

As illustrated in this infographic published by one of our partners Hispanic Market Advisors®, the use of a wire or press release designed to reach Hispanics must be carefully done. Writing it a successful one requires researching the target audience in detail and you may want to consider distributing it in both English and Spanish for better coverage, reach and exposure.


At the same time, besides being user-friendly and relevant to the user or target audience, you want to make sure your wire is designed for SEO success. That would entail that the content of your wire or press release is well-optimized, including adding the right keywords, external links and tags.

The SEO benefits of wire distribution are numerous. Here are 3 of them.

  • Valuable backlinks. Your wire will be republished by several guaranteed placements or media outlets which offers you valuable backlinks to your website.
  • Enhanced link profile. If you are an agency sending wires on your clients’ behalf, remember that by adding 1 or 2 backlinks to your client’s website in the first paragraph, you will be enhancing the link profiles of your clients’ websites.
  • Web visibility and exposure. By optimizing the content so it has the right keywords and tags, you could increase its visibility online and make your wires searchable on the Internet.


Although your content may be written to reach known audience and media, you need to make sure your wires can be easily read especially by people who don’t know about you or your clients’ businesses. Also important, make sure your content is good enough for search engines. This is key for achieving SEO success.


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