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SEO Benefits of Hispanicize Wire:
Enhance Your Link Profile

Using wires to gain backlinks to your site was once a hot topic in SEO

Many may have forgotten about sending wires as a link earning strategy after Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, commented in a Google forum thread back in 2013 that “links within press releases won’t benefit your rankings.” But that doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile pursuing healthy links from your wires – far from it!


Since then, Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Land refuted Matt Cutt’s claim that they are worthless for SEO after showing one case where Google not only discovers the links within typical press releases but uses the anchor text for ranking purposes.


So, now that we killed that myth (or shown at least another side of the story), let’s go on by stating that one of the SEO benefits of your wire distribution is that it will enhance your link profile, when done naturally and not artificially. But for starters, what is a link profile to begin with?

What is a link profile?

As published by one of our strategic partners Hispanic Market Advisors®your Link Profile is the overall makeup of all the inbound links pointing to your website


Ok, now that we know what a link profile is, let’s discuss How to Build a Healthy Link Profile


There are three key aspects of a robust link profile. A robust link profile has:


  • Diversity
  • Relevance
  • Velocity


On this post, we’ll only address the first bullet point: Diversity


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