Hispanic Market Advisors Releases White Paper SEO Success in Spanish
Posted May 16, 2012 3:27 am by Sebastian Aroca

With the objective of attracting brands that want to grow their Web properties among the US Hispanic and Latin American markets, Spanish SEO provider Hispanic Market Advisors® releases a white paper named “SEO Success in Spanish.”

The white paper “SEO Success in Spanish” has a total of 11 pages and includes six sections:

1. Introduction
2. Needs Analysis Statement
3. Spanish SEO Solution
4. Implementation
5. Measuring the ROI
6. Summary

“The Hispanic middle class community in America has been growing and prospering for the last fifteen years and continues its expansion thanks to a commitment to success through hard and smart work, and a clear vision of the market towards diversity. Our Hispanic SEO solutions are geared towards helping brands connect with Hispanic consumers by helping our clients grow their Spanish-language and bilingual websites in an organic and cost-effective way,” explained Sebastian Aroca, Managing Partner at Hispanic Market Advisors®.

Businesses are talking to Hispanics online and Spanish-speaking Internet users’ growth is outpacing the world average. In the period 2000-2009, according to InternetWorldStats.com, the number of Spanish-speaking Internet users has grown 669.2%. In the US, 56% of Hispanics speak Spanish only at home while 26% speak Spanish and English equally. Data from the US Census indicates that the Hispanic population by year 2020 is estimated to reach 60 million.

In the US, except for the highly assimilated Hispanics who use English only, or the very Spanish-dependent Hispanics who use largely Spanish media, the majority of Hispanics use media in both languages. For that reason, having a fully dedicated bilingual website is the cornerstone of most Hispanic digital strategies and reaching Hispanics in two languages make sense. As suggested by Sebastian Aroca, “To reach the entire spectrum of US Hispanics, it’s best to use a combination of English and Spanish web properties. Besides Hispanics toggle between English and Spanish web content, so easy access between them enhances user experience and the company’s reputation.

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About Hispanic Market Advisors®

Hispanic Market Advisors® is a boutique company focused on developing online Hispanic market-ready solutions, including English to Spanish translations, to aid companies of all sizes to reap the growth of the Latin American and US Hispanic market.