Things to Remember When Converting to a Bilingual Website
Posted August 8, 2011 3:35 am by Hispanic Market Advisors℠

English to Spanish

If you own your own business, your main goal is to distribute your product or services to as many customers as possible. In this age of Internet marketing, a company’s website is easily one of their biggest advertising assets. Websites are a low cost way to get all the information concerning your business out to people all over the world. But what if there are some potential customers who do not speak your native language? If you have an American based company with an English-language only website, you may miss out on business opportunities with the many Hispanic individuals that live in the US Hispanic market. This is where a great website translation service can come in handy.

Over the past several years, Hispanics have grown in both population in the United States, and in their consumer buying power and company influence. A smart business owner would use this movement to their advantage and market their company to meet the needs of the US Hispanic Market. The first step in doing that would be to make your company’s website is relevant to online US Hispanics.

We are a website translation and Hispanic SEO company that’s dedicated to helping the Latin American and US Hispanic markets reach all of their customers in the same way at the same time.

We strive to help small businesses improve their overall sales by taking their English content on their website and translating it into Spanish.

Don’t Get Lost in Translation

One of the key points to remember while in the process of launching a bilingual website is not to translate literally. The Spanish language is not only made up of different words, but they form their sentences in a completely different way than English speakers would by using English grammar rules. A good translation company will always make sure that your website is translated clearly so that all your information means exactly the same in Spanish as it does in English.

Be relevant to your new audience

The US Hispanic culture is so unlike a typical American culture. If you are trying to reach online US Hispanics, you will want to have the English on your website translated in a way so that it reads and describes things in a way that is familiar to your Hispanic customers. Using familiar Spanish lingo and making references to Hispanic culture will let your US Hispanic customers know that you understand and respect their viewpoints.

Keep the site up and running as you make the change

You don’t want to lose your previously established or other potential customers while revamping your website. At Hispanic Market Advisors, we will keep your English language website going while they work on getting your new Spanish version available to visit on the web. This way there is no downtime for your online company, and once everything is finished, your online US Hispanic customers will be ready to visit your website.

Be sure both forms of your website are in sync with each other

The last thing you want is for confusion to arise with your new customers. If a website is not translated properly or if there is not a way for you to update the Spanish version as you update the English part, then your website will not be in sync. Our team of technical experts at Hispanic Market Advisors will continue to work on your website and keep track of any changes that are made to it with their amazing software. Rest assured that both your American customers and your online users in the US Hispanic market will get the exact same information in their own language as they visit your company’s web page.

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