Hispanics and Social Networking
Posted May 2, 2010 6:36 am by Hispanic Market Advisors℠

In a society where Social Networking is highly popular, the trend reaches those of every ethnicity and group. However, Hispanics, particularly those in the United States, are the largest group visiting sites like MySpace and Facebook. According to a recent survey from the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communications, with the support of DMS Research, English-speaking Hispanics are the largest group of individuals who responded to the survey as visiting Social Networking sites regularly, with 44-percent of english-preferring hispanics visiting MySpace and 18-percent visiting Facebook.

In addition, spanish-preferring Hispanics also frequent the two sites, with 35-percent of those surveyed visiting MySpace and 13-percent visiting Facebook. The largest group of Hispanics visiting those sites are age 18 to 27, the group currently most targeted by advertisers hoping to capitalize on advertising on social media sites.

The age factor, as well as cultural tendencies and the fact that all Hispanic families, including US Hispanics rely on other members of the group to help with decisions. When the family is spread throughout the United States or in different countries, that means a resource like a social networking site become more convenient and necessary to the individuals.

Social Media sites specifically created for US Hispanics include EIHood.com and Vostu.com. However, the two sites, while created around habits and interests of Latinos in the US, are not receiving the same amount of attention as MySpace and Facebook and therefore are not drawing the same amount of traffic.

Latinos in the US and current trends

A significant factor in these individuals visiting sites is the age group they belong to; those under the age of 35 are more likely to be technology-savvy and regular users of Social Media. Latinos in the US are also more likely to be following the current trends of online activity, including watching videos and commenting on blogs.

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This is most likely an extension of their community-oriented culture. Communication and interaction are significant priorities to Hispanic culture. Also, emotional interaction is more intense with Hispanic culture than other cultures.

For those trying to reach a target audience, the use of MySpace and Facebook could be beneficial. Once the company opts to try to sell to Latinos in the US, for example, the next step is determining what the group uses Social Networking sites for, whether it be to communicate with family or enjoy music. The next step would be to form the advertising campaign to fit the target audience’s interests and draw their interest, followed by success.

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