Insert Link Building into Your Daily Routine
Posted January 13, 2011 4:11 pm by Hispanic Market Advisors℠

spanish-link-buildingLink building should be inserted to your daily routine in order to increase marketing efforts of reaching more Hispanics online. Depending on your schedule and goals, link building can take between 30 minutes to a couple hours each day. Whether you want to find new outlets to reach Hispanics online or increase your Hispanic SEO for optimal keywords, link building can help you reach your objectives.

This does not have to be a time-intensive, frustrating, and confusing experience. Search engines value links more when they are placed on websites with related content and a strong online presence. Google especially has become more advanced so that it ignores weak links and places emphasis on trusted links. It considers trusted links as those from pages with low bounce rates, high PageRank, old domain age, plus other factors. In addition, these websites will gain you the largest value for your marketing efforts, since these sites are more likely to be where your target market will find you.

Search online and create a list of possible link building opportunities. When creating this list, take the following steps for each website:

1. Determine if the website is relevant to your business. It should include similar keyword as your website that targets the Hispanic market.

2. Make sure that the content is well written with updated content since these sites more likely have a higher readership. Search engines also give higher ranks to websites that have content that is updated regularly, so sites that are not well maintained will not be helping your efforts.

3. Investigate its online presence. The websites should have a large online presence and positive reputation to maximize your marketing efforts. Verify how many links it has to other sites, if you can see the real people behind the site, if it has a reasonable number of inbound links, is well established, and ranks on valuable keyword searches. All these considerations will help ensure that it is a legitimate website instead of a link farm or other type of website that Google ranks down.

4. Verify that the website has their policies visible and is easy to contact. The websites that are more likely to allow you to link build through them are those that publish resources or reviews, invites articles or guest posts, or conducts interviews for opinions or case studies. These are excellent ways for link building since you get to choose the keywords surrounding the link to your website and how your website is positioned.

By focusing on websites that fit the criteria of having related and updated content, strong online presence, and policies favorable for link building, you can maximize your marketing efforts. Link building is a strong way of reaching your audience and increasing your Hispanic SEO in major search engines, such as Google and Bing for English-language content, and Google, Terra, and Altavista for Spanish-language content, just to mention a few.

So what has been your experience with link building for local and regional websites geared towards the Hispanic market? We would like to hear from you. What worked for you and what didn’t? Share your achievements, successes, and also your failures…

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