English to Spanish Translation Websites – English Spanish Website Translations – How good can it be?
Posted April 15, 2012 5:03 pm by Hispanic Market Advisors℠

Translating your English website to Spanish can give you a competitive edge.

Having the ability to compete in the international marketplace is a worthwhile and achievable goal for any business whether small or large. With the emerging economies in Latin American offering an opportunity for expanded growth and financial success, it is imperative to evaluate whether a business oriented website is ready to address these markets. As a small business owner who gains sales through the Internet, a good question to ask is whether translating your English website to Spanish will increase your sales potential. Most likely the answer will be yes particularly if the services offered by a reliable language translation website are employed. Offloading the English to Spanish translation task to an experienced professional allows a business owner more time to devote to taking care of their own business operations and projects.

The added sales and profits from a Spanish language website could be lost, however, if the translation does not properly address the Hispanic market. English to Spanish translations requires the consideration of colloquial phrases and grammatical interpretation that is unique to an area. Many machine translation services will produce a generic result that gives the basic idea but misses the finer points. By using a language translation website that provides personalized service with individuals who look at each word and phrase, the smaller details are considered and the translation is focused on the targeted market. Spanish idiomatic expressions are not consistent across Latin America. Sometimes a small misinterpreted phrase or message can cause a potential customer to reconsider completing a business transaction.

Identifying Your Audience and Delivering Localized Web Content

One of the most effective ways to increase business in the Latin American market is to identify and target specific locations where potential sales can be realized. For instance a business wanting to sell products within the Western U.S. region will look at the U.S. Hispanic characteristics in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and California and determine what unique Spanish phrases may draw customers to their website. Or the Eastern U.S. and Puerto Rico regions could be identified as attractive new markets and the website focus would be directed toward those areas. Another business may select Mexico and Central America as their targeted market and consider distinctive styles, preferences and language differences unique to that region.

After a small business owner identifies the need to expand, the next step is to utilize website translation services that will customize the appropriate text for the targeted market. If a website exists and is working well for the business, then translating your English website to Spanish can add value to the Internet market. Even during the website development phase, a good language translation website will be able to help make language decisions and choose the appropriate wordage. A business of medium or even large scale may find that entering the Latin America and U.S. Hispanic markets will be a lucrative and worthwhile endeavor. The key is to employ services with individuals who are familiar with language nuances and will help you to create a successful translation.

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